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My daughter-in-law, Robin, is expecting baby #2 in a few months.  It will be necessary for her to purchase a stroller that works for 2 children.  Baby #1 will only be 16 months old when his sister is born.

Buying a reasonably priced, easy to fold, not too heavy stroller should be a snap.  But no, this is not the case.  I know there are Moms out there reading this blog and laughing at me.  They have already gone through this. First, all the well built stollers are expensive.  They are expensive because these Moms already own a stroller and now have to buy another one.

Most Moms want to attach the baby’s car seat to the stroller so the baby doesn’t wake up when you do errands. Sure, there are double umbrella strollers that are priced reasonably but for heavy duty everyday use, these aren’t necessarily suitable.

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We went off to the French Baby store, did I mention that said family lives in France?  We would be paying in euros but the money would come from the US.  That means the money would be expensive. Most of the stores had very few strollers in stock.  They all explained that Robin could order a stroller out of their catalog.  But this is a piece of equipment that you want to touch and feel.

Red Castle makes a nice stroller called the Evolutwin® but Robin thought it was too big and too long. It was also rather heavy and expensive, but it was definitely in the running.

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We also found these strollers online. The first one is made by Graco.  Its called the DuoGlider.

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Finally, after more visits to stores and long talks with her sister and several cousins, Robin decided to buy a Baby Jogger City Select double.  She found it online at pishpostbaby.com where it was also on sale.  Yea for sales!  My neice owns this one and likes it.  Robin has given me the task of bringing it back to France when I return in May. (The baby isn’t due until June so we should be good.)  Robin figures that she will save about $500 by having me bring it and all the accessories that she also ordered.

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My daughter-in-law likes this stroller because you can adjust it into 16 unique seating arrangements, it only weighs 34 pounds and it was also on sale.

I think new Moms should consider buying a convertible stroller.  They start off as a single child stroller and can be converted into a twin when your family grows. This way, you only have to buy 1 stroller and not 2.

See more at: http://www.pishposhbaby.com/baby-jogger-city-select-double-2012.html#sthash.IQrQWYfN.dpuf