My dog Penny, looked at me with sad eyes and told me in no uncertain terms that it was time to go for a walk.  DSC00493I put on comfortable shoes and the 2 of us headed out the gate.  I thought it would be interesting to see how many different flowers are currently in bloom.  Surprisingly, there are a lot out there.

DSC00383 DSC00385 DSC00380 DSC00379 DSC00375 DSC00381 DSC00398 DSC00423 DSC00408 DSC00438 DSC00401 DSC00402 DSC00391 DSC00435 DSC00436 DSC00416 DSC00426 DSC00433 DSC00421 DSC00419 DSC00411 DSC00386 DSC00403 DSC00394 DSC00429 DSC00396 DSC00428 DSC00410 DSC00393 DSC00440 DSC00438 DSC00439 DSC00366 DSC00455 DSC00452 DSC00374 DSC00361 DSC00456 DSC00372