The National Gallery of Art opened to the public in 1941. The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation provided the funds necessary to build and partially fill the museum with the art we see there today.  I can’t imagine having so much money that I needed to put my art collection somewhere. I wouldn’t even know what to collect.   But I love the fact that wonderful people have done just that and anyone can see these amazing works of art.

Did I mention that The National Gallery of Art displays one of the largest collections of masterpieces in the world.  Included are paintings, drawings, prints, photographs, sculpture, and decorative arts from the 13th century to the present.

This time I am focusing on dogs in paintings.  I was half way through the collection before I thought about photographing dogs. These are only parts of the original painting.  If you google the artists you can see the rest of the works of art.

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Gian Federico Madruzzo, oil on canvas c.1525 -1578 Giovanni Battista Moroni was the artist.


The Suitor’s Visit, oil on canvas , c 1658, artist is Gerard Terborch II who was Dutch.


The Intruder, oil on panel, c 1660 artist Gabriel Metsu who was Dutch.


Diana and Endymion, oil on canvas c. 1753/1756, artist is Jean Honore Fragonard.


Misse and Lautine, oil on canvas c. 1729, by Jean-Baptiste Oudry.


Miss Beatrix Lister, oil on canvas,1765 by Sir Joshua Reynolds


Miss Beatrice Townsend, oil on canvas 1882, by John Singer Sargent.