We finally got our storm yesterday, complete with lots of rain. There is another one  expected to come in tonight.

Today I had an appointment in San Francisco so I drove in with my Mom and joy of joys, the weather was warm, sunny and clear until after lunch when the clouds started to come back in. We are sadly in need of rain so I hope the next one comes in.  Rain or not, California will be in drought conditions until next winter when the next storms come in or don’t come in.

I took these photos with my iPhone 4s. Most were taken high up in the Bank of America building on California Street.  This building has 52 or so floors. The views are amazing. The others were taken in the financial district on Post, Bush and Kearney Streets.

IMG_0041 IMG_0040 IMG_0039 IMG_0038 IMG_0037

loIMG_0036 IMG_0035 IMG_0034 IMG_0032 IMG_0030 IMG_0029 IMG_0028 IMG_0026 IMG_0024 IMG_0023I

I loved the zig zag of the fire escape on the building