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My black lab “puppy”, Penny loves a good romp.  I usually find a reason not to take Penny to the Horse Park in Woodside where I am a member.  Every morning my sister takes her dogs for a walk.  This morning, Jan called and said she was on her way over to the park and did I want to join her.  As you can see, I did!

DSC09704Bing and Penny

DSC09709PennyDSC09724The best part of the horse park is the waterDSC09727The mud is fun too.  Luckily today it was pretty dry.DSC09735Penny, Billie and Jackie.  Jackie is a Susex SpanielDSC09741Penny and Bing are the black labs and Luna is the yellow lab.  DSC09751Penny and LunaDSC09755Penny, Luna and BillieDSC09766My sister with Penny, Luna, Billie, Bing and Jackie.DSC09791The dogs are tied up so we can hose the mud off of them.  Penny (the dog is the front) is ready to go home.  What she didn’t know was that our next stop was a bath with shampoo. Bing is in the back.DSC09789Jackie really needed a bath.