This past weekend, we took a walk in the San Francisco Presidio.  It was an absolutely spectacular day.  DSC09497


The Presidio has served as a military reservation from its establishment in 1776 as Spain’s northern-most outpost of colonial power in the New World. It was one of the longest-garrisoned posts in the country and the oldest installation in the American West. It played a key role in Spain’s exploration and settlement of the borderlands, Mexico’s subsequent control of the region from Texas to Alta California, and the United States’ involvement not only in frontier expansion, but also in all major conflicts since the Mexican-American War of 1846-48.


~ from the National Historic Landmark Designation, June 13, 1962


In 1994, the government decided that it didn’t need the Presidio to continue as a military post.  It was made part of the National Park Service.  The park is open to all visitors.  Last weekend when I walked some of the trails, there were lots of people biking, walking and running on the streets and trails.


The following photos were taken on Sunday afternoon around 3:30.

DSC09449 DSC09453 DSC09436 DSC09468 DSC09475

DSC09470 DSC09437 DSC09445