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Most of us have a favorite tote. When in Paris or New York, it is essential to carry a shoulder bag that is comfortable and practical for the extra packages that one acquires during the day. Here in California, our cars are never too far away so we can get away without one.

It has been just over ten years since the collapsible Le Pliage tote by Longchamps—which means “folding” in French, arrived on the scene. It is an extremely practical bag: that can be stuffed with everything from gym clothes, schoolbooks and groceries to bottles of water, magazines, and books. When not in use, it could be folded flat. At some point in recent years, it overtook the Hervé Chapelier nylon tote, which served a similar purpose.

Both are French and at around $100 dollars cost about the same. Both are available in a variety of solid colors. Both are durable, washable and lightweight.

The HERVE CHAPELIER Large Tote 925N is the company’s most requested model! The tote has a square base with a basic trapezoid shape, top double zipper closured, a coated lined interior zip pocket and shoulder straps with an 11 inches drop. It is made in France and the large bag costs about $130.00.
Hervé Chapelier started his company in Paris in 1976. His best selling products are handbags, wallets, briefcases, tote bags, and backpacks.

In 1948, Jean Cassegrain founded the Longchamp line in Paris. The Longchamp House is still owned and managed by the same family. This company is primarily known for its travel bags, handbags and fashion accessories. In 1993, Philippe Cassegrain and Isabelle Guyon designed Le Pliage, a nylon fabric tote bag whose handles and flap are made of leather and that folds so that it can be stored flat. The bag soon became the brand’s most successful product.

My favorite of the 2 bags is the Hervé Chapelie tote. The reason is simple. It is more comfortable on my shoulder with the flat strap. But the problem I have is that it is hard to find these days. I have been searching the internet and am happy to say that I found the following one on the site; Orchids Rose Collection.
Screen Shot 2014-01-11 at 6.45.16 PM
There are a few other colors:

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If the Longchamp bag is you favorite, it is easy to find in a multitude of colors, styles and prices.
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