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Marie Blachère Bakery

This bakery is part of a chain. I don’t know if it is a franchise or if a mother company owns it. But what I do know is that they have a winning combination. All the bread and pastries are made at each individual store. Buy 3 loves of bread and you get a 4th one free. This is true of the croissants, pain au chocolate, the pizzas, cookies, brownies, tartes and donuts. What happens is that you want 2 of something, so you think, well, 1 more isn’t a big deal and then I will get 4. But if you do this with more than one or 2 items, you end up with a car load of food and the next thing you know, your freezer is full or you find yourself with lots of pastries. You wonder what will you do with them.

Did I mention that their pastries are quite delicious…






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