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Are you an Apple person or a PC person? Iphone or Other? Smart phone or Regular phone?

Today the new iPhones are available in the Apple stores in the US. The line on Chestnut Street in San Francisco was around the block. The Apple employees were offering water and donuts to the people in line. Good move Apple!

Apparently the lines are longer for the iPhone 5c and 5s than they were for the iPhone 5. The changes from the 4 to 5 were dramatic but are the changes enough this time? (I am in France 5 months a year, so last spring, I broke down and bought an iPhone 5 with a SFR contract in France.) My AT&T contract in California doesn’t allow me to upgrade to the new phones until next May, so I can only sit back and wonder.

The new 5s is available in exciting new colors, gold, silver and gray but everyone I know puts a snazzy case on their phone so the color won’t be visible. The same is true with the iPhone C which is less expensive than the S and comes is pretty colors. The security fingerprint on the S sounds like a good upgrade and the processor is faster. But are these improvements enough for the ordinary iPhone fanatic to want a new phone. Silly me, the operative word here is – fanatic. Of course it is!

You can order the new iPhones online but it will take several days to get them. I am guessing that the lines at the Apple stores won’t be all that long tomorrow for those people who have to have the latest and greatest.

A big change is apparent with the new iOS 7 operating system that everyone can get. It is also free. I upgrade to iOS 7 as soon as it came out. It looks and feels different and I still am getting use to it. The new operating system makes the phone look and feel new.

Here is what the Apple webpage says about iOS 7
iOS 7 is a pure representation of simplicity.
It has a new structure, applied across the whole system, that brings clarity to the entire experience. The interface is purposely unobtrusive. Conspicuous ornamentation has been stripped away. Unnecessary bars and buttons have been removed. And in taking away design elements that don’t add value, suddenly there’s greater focus on what matters most: your content.

I’m curious, are you an Apple person or a PC person? Will you get a new iPhone or are you happy with the phone you are using now?
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