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Jacques and I drove to Rodez on Thursday for his father’s birthday. Raymond turned 95 on Friday, June 27th. We reserved a table at the Kiosque Restaurant and invited all his relatives. His brother-in-law, Yves, is 91 and drove up from Toulouse with is wife. Yves recently had a hip replaced and I think he looks at least 15 years younger than his years. Gaby and Yvette live in Rodez and were there with bells on their toes. Gaby’s sister Elianne came with a huge bouquet of flowers for Raymond. Raymond’s 2 daughters, Francoise and Cathy, who also live in the area were present. And of course his wife, Lily who has been married to him for 70 years, was there too. Lily will be 90 in September. I can’t believe how great all these people look. None of them look their age.
Happy Birthday Raymond!!
Grandpa Raymond