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Our first renters have arrived and we have moved in with my son and daughter-in-law and their baby. So far we are being good guests. Last night Robin invited the neighbors over for dinner. We all deserved a nice evening after the hard work that it took to get the Mas ready.

We have very few neighbors but Robin and Isabelle have become fast friends. Isabelle and her husband live cross the street. Some new people bought a large tract of land next door to them and are raising bulls for bull fighting. Today, they invited all of us to come and see their property and to watch the selection of the cows.

I know this sounds confusing. What they do is to test the 2-year-old cows to see if they are feisty and aggressive enough to be bred. If not, well, hello hamburger. The neighbor was in the bread business and is now doing a great job with the cows and bulls. He brought about 400 animals from Spain to his 500-acre property. He has 2 kinds of bovines. Some are brown and white and are there to keep the black fighting kind docile. He and done lots of fencing for pastures and has also built a bull-fighting ring.

All the cows are tested at age 2. Apparently about 30% fail the test and are sent to be butchered for meat. Today, a picador came into the arena on his well-padded horse and several young men, who are either professional matadors or who are matadors in training took their places. A cow charged into the arena and headed straight for the horse. After ramming into it (it was well padded) and being turned away, it was attracted by the matadors and their capes. This went on for about 45 minutes. And yes, the picador it have a pointy stick and the cow bled a bit but it wasn’t more than a scratch. I thought the young animal was terrific. She will not be steak.

We didn’t stay long for cow number 2. She seemed confused and rushed from place to place. I have no idea if she will be a mom or not. I’m not a hunter and I really don’t like bull fighting. But this was very interesting.

Here are a few pictures. Here is a short link to a video on yourtube. http://youtu.be/EFtjsa8eowk

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