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Robin has been complaining that Niko, her husband, needs to stop winning his tennis matches. He hasn’t spent enough time at home. Let me start at the beginning, or what I think of as the beginning. Usually, Niko likes to go for long bicycle rides. This year, he has gotten back into tennis. I think the bicycling will come later…

Niko played tennis in high school and complained to me when I went to his matches that I wasn’t paying enough attention. You see, I was there but didn’t pay close attention because I was reading my book. He was right, that wasn’t very nice. I want to point out that he has been playing this game for a long time. However, 18 years ago, he was only an ok player. Lets catch up to 2013, now he is quite good.

Niko is a teacher at an international school in Luynes, France. This year he joined a group that decided to enter a tennis tournament. That would have been fine with his wife, Robin, but she had her first child 4 months ago and then about a month and a half ago, had back surgery. To continue, Niko also decided to enter a local tennis tournament. He started off as an unclassified player and won match after match. He finally lost to a 14-year-old player who was classified as a 15/2. This means he played about 15 matches before loosing.

The local tennis club asked Niko if he wanted to enter another small tournament. He said “sure” and he is still winning. He is now in the semi-finals. He is supposed to play tomorrow evening but it is also suppose to rain so the match has been put off until Thursday.

By the way, his group won their division in the first tennis tournament! I have no idea if there is a trophy.

I have been a good Mother-in-law and have been helping Robin with the baby and other such things. She is recovering well from her surgery and we have been able to go out. On Thursday, we will watch Niko play. I have learned that taking photos of Niko playing is not allowed during the tournament. (This is according to Niko, since these activities annoy him.) He also doesn’t want us to chat and comment. We are not allowed to offer any suggestions when he misses a point. Let me ask you – where is the fun in all of this. Robin and I love to comment and we also enjoy capturing moments on film, well digital.

But on Thursday we won’t ask who is winning, and if the baby cries, we will snatch him up and walk around away from the court so as not to bother the players. We will look fascinated and cheer if it is appropriate.

So here are some of the photos that we took last week, when we were supposed to have been watching Niko play.