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This afternoon, I unpacked my camera and walked around the property to see what is different from the last time I was here. i also needed some new photos for our website. Everything looks so much better in the spring.
Robin and Niko have decided to use re-usable diaper for baby Olivier. They work very well, but must be washed and dried.
Niko set up a clothes line on the terrace.diapers
I set out toward the gate and photographed the house and barn from the street.DSC07227




The grass has grown in the fields because of all the recent rains. Jacques has decided that it is time to start cutting between the olive trees. He will be at this task for at least 3 days. We also replanted about 45 baby trees. I get the feeling we do this yearly. Right now Stephen is busy pruning the trees for fruit. I’ll try to get some pictures of that next week.DSC07305DSC07274DSC07301DSC07275fence line
We also made some changes around the pool and on the terrace.DSC07334


And finally, this time of year you see some tiny plants that are quite lovely.DSC07284