I’m back in France for a period of 2 months. This time, I decided to try Air France again. Its been a while since I have flown with them. The nice thing about this flight is the direct route from San Francisco to Paris. From there I can get a connection to Marseille. The flight was fine, the movies were fine and the food was fine and so here I am.

It has been raining in the south and the grass/weeds are really hight. The flowers are out and the countryside looks good. “They” have been busy during our absence and our projects are moving along.

Our pool has a leak and so we hired a pool company to do a resurfacing. We also had some steps installed since the existing ones are not good. This first photo is of the new steps before the workmen arrived to resurface the pool.before the workmen
The next 2 are of the resurfaced pool. Now we need the pool lights installed and then water.length of poolnew steps
The next project that in in the works has been to build an island in the center of the driveway in front of the front door. We expect the masons back to finish it on Monday.island in front

And you need some of the lush green photos of the fields and the garden.IMG_2568




And then there is little Olivier, my newest grandchild, who just turned 3 months old. His mother had back surgery so I am the nanny and all around helper who has been “hired” to do everything the Robin can’t do.