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I thought you might find these photos interesting. This past weekend was the start of our show schedule. We packed up the saddles and bridles and put the horses in the vans and drove off to Monterey, California. This is about 1 1/2 hours from Palo Alto. The weather was perfect which is unusual for the Monterey Peninsula. It is usually foggy and cold.American Saddlebred park horseAmerican Saddlebred park horseAmerican Saddlebred fine harness horseAmerican Saddlebred western style horseWestern Saddle
There are several kinds of horses in these pictures. I will start of with the noble American Saddlebred horse. These horses were developed and bred in the United States. They are descendants of riding-type horses bred at the time of the American Revolution. Included in the breeding are the Narragansett Pacer, Canadian Pacer, Morgan and Thoroughbred.Hackney Pony
The pony is a Hackney and it originates from Norfolk, England. The horses called the Norfolk Trotters was selectively bred for its elegant style and speed. Paso Fino HorsePaso Fino HorsePaso Fino Horse

The really cute ones are Paso Fino horses which originate from Chile. When shown, the riders dress in Chilean costumes. These horses are thought to be descendants of the Conquistadors’ horses that spread into North America after the Spanish soldiers brief time in Central and South America. I love the hats.

The last horse is a Tennessee Walking Horse. This breed originates in middle Tennessee. The Tennessee Walking Horse is a composition of Narragansett and Canadian Pacer, Standardbred, Thoroughbred, Morgan, and American Saddlebred stock. Owners of plantations found them to be a comfortable ride over long distances.Palomino Tennessee Walking horse
And finally, at all horse shows, no matter what breed, you will also find dogs!DSC07059DSC07144

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