The President came to town today and he is still here

This morning I went over to the polo field at the Menlo Circus Club to watch the president’s helicopter land. Mr. Obama is in California to raise money for Congressional democrats. Yesterday he was in San Francisco at 2 events raising money to benefit the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee. This morning he is also at 2 events in Atherton. These events benefit the Democratic National Committee. If you were invited, your obligation would be between $1000 and $32,400. Needless to say, I wasn’t on the guest list.

There were probably 100 or so spectators watching. Someone told me that an operation such as this uses 1400 or so people. It was very exciting to see all the police, Secret Service and White House personnel doing their thing. Last year when Mr. Obama came to Atherton, streets were closed for hours. They decided that it be less intrusive if he came in a helicopter. At any rate, it was more fun to see.







Here are a few more photos thanks to Laura P.
President Obama
President ObamaPresident Obama