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Since arriving, the weather has been cold, wet and rainy. Then the wind stopped, as did the rain and the sun warmed everything up. I’d call this schizophrenic weather. I’ve contacted most of the workmen who needed to be contacted. We will see them in person this coming week.

And of course there is tiny Olivier, the reason we came to France this time of year. He is a really good baby who hardly ever cries. (Isn’t it interesting that we say they are good when they are quiet?) We only hear a whimper to signal that it is time to be fed. Mostly, he sleeps. Baby snores are so cute. sleeping in the ca seat

Saturday night we went out to a bouilabase dinner in St. Remy. I forgot to take pictures so you will have to imagine a big bowl of fish soup with generous pieces of fish floating in it. On the side, were served toasted rounds of French bread with small bowls of rouille, grated cheese and aioli. We ordered the dish with 3 fish and crawfish and scallops. We also ordered a light white wine from the region. The name of the restaurant was SAVEURS DE PROVENCE. 8, Bd Gambetta – 13210 St. Remy de Provence – 04 90 95 33 38