The trip went well. British Airlines did their job and got us to London and then to Marseille. We didn’t loose our luggage but they forgot to put the box with the bike in it on our plane. So it is due to arrive at 9:00 tonight in Marseille. It will be delivered tomorrow.

The weather in Southern France was very windy and a bit damp today. We didn’t rush any where this morning. In fact, I slept until 10:00 but then I didn’t make it to be before 2:30 am. We did our first grocery store run about 5pm.

Besides enjoying our family, Mom and I will be busy. We have to talk to the man who is going to fix our pool (it leaks), the mason ( one more roof to repair), the gardener and the architect. We are looking into the possibility of adding onto the part of the Bergerie (old sheep barn) where Niko and Robin live. There is all of this to do and we are only staying for 10 days. I also hope to have time for a day in Marseille with my good friend Pascale and a bit of shopping for my grandchildren and my niece and nephew in California.

Baby Olivier