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lexie and Stephen

When we chose Sylvie Gil as our wedding photographer, she mentioned that we would also get engagement photos.  But Lexie wanted to be photographed in her wedding dress with her husband and with her horse.  They chose yesterday for the pictures and we had a beautiful sunny day, just like the day of her wedding.  It will be a while before the “real” photos are ready.

Just to remind you of what a fabulous photographer Sylvie Gil is, Sylvie took the first picture on California Street in San Francisco.  The rest are the photos I took of the sequence of the afternoon’s photo session.  Sylvie’s pictures will be far superior to mine.

Whitney and Calvin

Holding CavinHow does one mountriding side saddlelots of helpCalvin and Lexiephotographer and helpersLexie and Stephen

For those of you who might be wondering what kind of horse this is, Calvin is an American Saddlebred. His registered name is Callaway’s Editor’s Note.

Thank you Sylvie for doing this photo shoot and a huge thank you to Jennifer Dixon and Whitney our horse trainers.  We were lucky that Gen was available to help too. This is a wonderful group of women who did all the heavy lifting.  When Sylvie’s photo are ready I will post one or two.