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Last summer my sister “made” me adopt a lab puppy.  The puppy’s name is Penny Lane and she is adorable.  But I am sure that after a certain age, and it changes for everyone, you feel that you are too old for a puppy.  Puppies take a lot of effort.   IMG_1693

First there is the house breaking.  Just when you think that you can’t stand one more puddle or poop on the floor, it all goes away.  Of course it means taking said puppy out every hour, then every hour and a half, then two hours.  I think the house breaking is maybe the worse part.Penny Lane

At the same time, there is the start of obedience training.  Come is such an important command.  My puppy, Penny Lane, learned that quickly because there was always a snack in my hand.  Dogs love to please and labs are probably quicker than other breeds. Penny Lane

Sit wasn’t too hard either.  At this point you have to call on the professionals.  It takes a lot of self dissipline to train by yourself.  I followed my sister Jan’s advise and started on Saturday mornings in a puppy class.  Penny was much more interested in all the other dogs than in me.  But a good snack will change that any time. 3 months - Penny

So she is now pretty good with heal and if there aren’t too many distractions, a stay might work for a while.  Stand is a super hard command and down has been tough. She has been resisting the down command  and looks at me as if I’m crazy.

But this morning we had a break through.  I got her to do down every time I asked her.  The magic ingredient was to up the reward.  Peanut butter on a spoon did the trick!!!lets start training

All of you who have puppies and young dogs, don’t give up.  You will be training your dog daily for the rest of his/her life.  I know, your were hoping that there would be an end.  No way – no end.  But there is nothing better than a well trained dog, unless its a polite child.penny