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Apparently if you live in New York City, there is a good chance that when you buy fish at the market or order it in a restaurant, you are not getting the kind of fish you ordered.  DNA studies found that the stores and restaurants, even expensive ones, have been substituting less expensive fish for the ones you wanted.fish

Researchers, from a conservation group Oceana, found this to be true in 39% of the 150 samples of seafood collected for testing last summer.  It turns out that the study reports that this is a problem all over the US. Can you imagine if you ordered a hamburger and instead of beef, you got horse?  Oh yes, didn’t I hear something about that happening in London?

It is possible that the problem stems from mislabeling out at sea when the fish are first caught and cut up. Or it could be outright fraud.  However, stores are supposed to know what they are selling to the public and must be held accountable.

Of the 142 samples collected, tuna and snapper were the most commonly mislabeled fishes.  Everyone needs to watch out for canned tuna because there is a lit of mislabeling. It was found that in Washington D.C., every snapper sample was mislabeled.  In opinion, the worse offense comes from the samples from the 16 sushi restaurants where mislabeling was found in all of them.