My new grandson was born this morning, February 6, 2013,  in France at 2:43 pm Paris time.  Olivier weighed 5 pounds 9 ounces and was a few weeks early.  Olivier

I have a theory about babies and if they are early, on time or late.  My mother was in labor for 52 hours.  I was happy in the womb and in no rush to leave.  I have always been late, not really really late, but late all the same.  I have never missed a plane and only one time, did I miss a train.  But my cousin was driving and the traffic was horrible.

Niko, baby Olivier’s papa (they live in France) was about 2 weeks late.  As a child he loved to play in his room and only if a neighbor child came to the house to invite him out to play would he go.  He still is a real home body.  I love to remind him that at 12, he informed me that I was to go to university with him.

My daughter, Lexie was right on time, as was Laurent, my oldest son.  Both of them as children were out of the house exploring and finding other neighbor children to play with.  A sleep over with friends was a common theme. Laurent would have been a pioneer in the 1800’s looking to see what is over the horizon. Lexie would have gone with Laurent and Niko would have said, “hey, check it out and if it is interesting I will join you later.”

So with baby Olivier, 2+ weeks early, I wonder what kind of a person he will be.  I’m betting on a confident explorer.

What do you think of my theories?