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This morning we finished packing to return to California for about 6 weeks.  I didn’t feel ready to go back but the calendar said that our time is up.  We arrived at the Marseille airport with the threat of snow.  The radio reports all said snow in Provence.  But we only saw a bit of slush on the windows. It seemed to e to be a non-event.

There was no one waiting in line at the Lufthansa counter and we found out why in a hurry.  Our plane from Brussels to Marseille and then on to Munich was going to be an hour late.  This would mean that we would miss our connection to San Francisco.  We were given 2 choices.  Spend the night in Munich or go home and try again tomorrow.

We chose the route of trying again tomorrow.  It took the wonderful lady at the Lufthansa counter about 1 1/2 hours to get our reservations settled. I hope that our travel plans will work out better tomorrow.

I have to laugh because last November when my mom and sister visited, I took them to the airport on the wrong day for their return flight.  Why am I practicing my departures? I hope that you who are reading this have better luck with your travel plans than we have had.

I will be back for the birth of my next grandchild in March.  Mom and I will help Niko and Robin out for about 2 weeks.

My next blogs will come from California.