Thank you Scott for sharing this wonderful article and picture with us.


My good friend ,(and even better neighbor) Mike, called me last week to invite me to a special viewing of the San Diego Zoo’s baby panda.  The baby is named Xiao Liwu which means “little gift” and he is 5 months old.  He has not yet been allowed out to be seen by the public so this was a great opportunity.  We were allowed into his “classroom” area where he is being acclimated to being out with the visitors and public.  There were about 50 or 60 enthusiastic zoo patrons invited to the viewing and everyone was thrilled.   The Little Gift lost no time in winning everyone’s hearts – he was up in a tree when we were let in and had to figure out how to get down.  After trying many different methods he finally worked his way down and sort of rolled back onto the ground.  For the…

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