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Like any good traveler, I got up an hour before we needed to leave for the station. Once ready, I decided that I should empty the dishwasher. Question, am I being a good wife by completing this job so my husband won’t have to do it, or am I a control freak.

My train was scheduled to leave Avignon at 10:14 so we left the house at 9 which would give us a bit of time for traffic or to get lost. There was no traffic and we didn’t get lost.

But at the station an un-welcomed announcement told us the train had technical difficulties and would be leaving an hour late. After calling my cousin in Paris to tell her, I found a comfortable chair (is that an oxymoron) and finished my book. I have been reading The Girl who Fell from the Sky: by Heidi Durrow. This book is excellent and would make a good gift.

My cousin would meet me at the Gare de Lyon. Barbara said that she read yesterday’s blog and she knows what I would like to do in Paris. She even agreed to go with me on a short errand to Uniqlo.

The sky was blue in Provence but it is becoming more and more overcast. I guess we will have rain after all. I may be premature but I think my ugly shoes will be very welcomed.TGV to Paris