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Tomorrow morning I’ll be heading back up to my favorite city, Paris.  I hear it has been raining.  Thats too bad so I guess I won’t be a chic,  but with my water proof “hiking” shoes, my feet will be dry.

I love the anticipation the comes before a journey, long or short.  I have already packed and it is now time for a reasonable person to go to bed.  But I still have a few more things to finish.  Am I alone in this?

My goals for Paris, do a little Christmas Shopping, take in a movie, revisit the Van Cleff and Arpel exhibit and take some interesting photos to encourage you to jump on a plane and come to Paris.  I hope I won’t be disappointed.  Here are a few of my favorite Paris photos.


DSC05319 DSC05318 DSC05304 DSC05302

IMG_1497 IMG_0463 IMG_1505IMG_1428