I had lunch with my Mom and brother today at Max’s Opera Cafe at the Stanford Shopping Center, Palo Alto, Ca.  After lunch we stopped by the Apple Store to check out the new iPad. I was surprised to see how “cute” it is.  Before seeing it, I had no intentions of buying a new ipad.  But after… I fell in love.  Now I want one!

They are not cheap but did I tell you how cute and light they are?  They weigh about a third of the regular Ipad.  I am thinking of the 32GB which costs $429.00.  The 16GB one is $329 and then there is a 64GB but that seems like over kill.

So tonight at 10:00 I went online to see if I could order or reserve one and then pick it up at the store tomorrow.  UNAVAILABLE!  bummer.  I will try again tomorrow.  I hope if you are intending to buy one of these that you have better luck than I am having.