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Yesterday the retired space shuttle, Endeavor, started its slow journey down Los Angeles city streets to the California Science Center. This journey will take 2 days at a speed of 2 mph and a distance of 12 miles.

The trip to the museum is quite disruptive to the residents of the communities that it passes through.  Trees were cut down to make room for the huge shuttle, power lines have had to be re-routed causing temporary outages to homes and streets and sidewalks have had to be closed. Homeowners didn’t seem to mind because how often does a space shuttle roll past your front lawn.

On September 21st, I was one of the thousands who waited for the shuttle to pass overhead in the San Francisco Bay Area skies on its way to Los Angeles.  After weather delays, the Endeavor left the Kennedy Space Center in Florida perched atop a modified Boeing 747 en route to Houston, the first stop on the 2 day trip.  On Day 2, it flew toward Sacramento, California to San Francisco, past Nasa at Moffitt Field in Santa Clara and then south to LA.

Along with a crowd of people, we waited for the plane.  I waited in a parking lot close to the bay in Redwood City, which is 30 miles south of San Francisco.  I was not disappointed when it passed overhead.  It was amazing to see the 747 with the shuttle on its back.

The San Francisco pictures were taken by my daughter’s fiancé, Stephen and I took the other ones.