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I love weddings especially when one of my children is getting married.  My oldest son, Laurent was married to his lovely sweetheart, Kathleen 8 years ago.   Child #2, Niko, married Robin in Costa Rica several years later.  Now when you have boys, you smile and ask what you can do.  If you are lucky, they will give you a few suggestions, like music and perhaps transportation.  Of course there is the rehearsal dinner.

But with daughters, you “get” to do more.  Well, if your daughter lets you do more.  I figure that if I pay, I get something to say.  Lexie became engaged to Stephen last January.  The first thing I was invited to do was “dress shopping”.  That really means that I got to pay for her amazing dress.  Kathleen told her how beautiful she looked in her first choice and I smiled and agreed.  Yesterday, we went to San Francisco for the fitting.  My baby girl will be a beautiful bride.  I’ll show the dress after the wedding.

Out first task was to find a wedding location.  Lexie decided on a hotel in San Francisco. Then we talked to the photographer, Sylvie Gils who is really talented.  http://sylviegilphotography.com I also wrote a check for that. The we talked to Amanda who will be doing Lexie’s flowers.  That check will come later.

Today we went back to San Francisco to the hotel where the wedding will take place and did a food tasting.  The food will be amazing!  My mom hadn’t seen the location for the actual wedding, so I showed her the terrace with trees and fountain.  We checked out the room where the reception will take place and talked about the timeline for the events with the hotel’s event planner, Emilie. There is still so much to do!  I also gave them my credit card to have in the file.  Did I mention that weddings in hotels are expensive?

I suggested early on that we hold the wedding in my garden.  I also suggested that we invite her closest friends and do it potluck.  You can imagine how that went over. I have a lovely garden and she has friends who are really good cooks.  No Jello molds for us. A beautiful hotel with amazing views was chosen.

Here are some of the San Francisco views, with fog, from this afternoon’s excursions.

Now I need a dress! I bet that won’t be very easy.