My daughter-in-law, Robin, just put a wonderful wedding celebration together at our house in Provence, which went really well. This account from Isabelle says it all. Thank you Isabelle.

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In all likelihood, you will not actually get married in Provence, you will get married at home and then come to France for a wedding celebration or blessing of your marriage. This is because if you want to get married in France you have to be resident in the commune where you get married for at least 40 consecutive days prior to marriage. So the most common scenario is that you have a simple, civil marriage at home to get the legalities done, and come to France to celebrate with friends and family. You can then have some form of non-religious ceremony, like a wedding blessing, which would either take place in a house or hotel you are renting or in a beautiful setting that is geared towards marriage celebrations. See below for Provence wedding venue ideas. The advantages of a wedding blessing in Provence, instead of a real marriage…

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