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I’m about to share more information about another horse show.  This one is a biggy.   This prestigious event, held annually in conjunction with the Kentucky State Fair, crowns world champion Saddlebreds in different divisions each year.

People who love the American Saddlebred Horse, who ride really well and have a supper horse show up in Louisville.  The show attracts people from all over the country and yes, even from around the world.   More than 2,000 horses compete for over $1 million in awards.

One of the unusual aspects of the show is that the footing in the arena is green.  Everyone in this horse world wants to show in Freedom Hall on the  green footing.  You can look at a picture and know right away that it took place at Louisville, in August.  The show will start on Sunday evening –  the dates are August 19-25th.

Video Streaming Information for this event can be found on the American Saddlebred Horse Association’s website.http://www.asha.net/

If you love horses and have never seen an American Saddlebred, save the link and click in next week.  The show runs from about 9:00 am until 3:00 pm and then continues in the evening from 6:30-9:30pm – Eastern Standard Time

The following photos were taken at the prestigious UPHA Chapter One show in California in May. Please note that the first photo is with Western horses. Yes those are also American Saddlebreds.

That is me in the stands, drinking coffee.

My daughter Lexie on Timeline

Notice the horse’s feet.  This breed is noted for being very high stepping and being very elegant. They also hold their heads very high. Some horses wear little boots on their front feet to protect them if they overstep.