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For the past several weeks, my sister has been telling me that she has just the puppy for me.  I kept saying,”But I don’t need a puppy. I have Gus.” (Gus is my 8 year old lab who is sick. I wrote a blog about him a while ago.)  Jan assured me that I am in desperate need of a puppy. She kept saying that this is the puppy who will complete my life.

I arrived home in California on Monday and Jan asked, “Do you want to pick up the puppy tomorrow or on wednesday.”  Not wanting to be impolite, I said that Wednesday, today, would be better. Jan; “in the morning or the afternoon?”  I agreed on the afternoon.  And too soon, this afternoon arrived.

One look at puppy and of course I was smitten.  Robin came with me and there were lots of oohs and aahs.  Puppy is a 10 week old black or maybe dark chocolate lab.  She is precious.  The other dog in the pictures is Jackie who is a Susex Spaniel.

Right now she is sitting on my son, Niko’s lap and my daughter, Lexie’s lap.  She is soo cute.

We are thinking of calling her Penny Lane.  I am up for suggestions.  If you don’t come up with cute female lab names, her name will probably end up as Penny. I like Penny but thought that you may have some great suggestions.  Do comment.