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If you are anywhere close to Stanford University this summer you should head over to the Jazz Festival.  Every night someone fabulous is signing or playing jazz.

My daughter in law, Robin works for the festival and she suggested that I come and take pictures.  I didn’t think that I would like the music.  There is a lot of Jazz that I don’t really like.  But I decided to come and see what was going on. I was very surprised.  Most of the music was great.  Being back stage, I was able to talk to many of the artists.  Some of them were “old timers” who have been doing this for years.  Other were very young and we just enjoying being in the moment.

Tonight is Brazilian Jazz with Luciana Souza and Romero Lubambo.  Luciana is a Grammy winning vocalist who lives in Los Angeles..  She and Romero were a hit in 2010 when they performed at Stanford. Romero is a New York-based guitarist. Tomorrow: Drummer Peter Erskine has been creating some of the most exciting music the jazz world has ever heard for over 40 years. Saxophonist  is a jazzer’s jazz cat, which writer Andy Gilbert recently said should be much better known.

Sunday will be Big Band. Ray Brown’s Great Big Band is one of the hottest big bands in the country. Ray himself is a former member of the Stan Kenton trumpet section, where he had the jazz improvisation duties. He’s one of the handful of world-class arrangers whose tunes made it into the Stan Kenton repertoire. And he’s got other Kenton alumni to help take this special show over the top, including special guest drummer Peter Erskine.

On Sunday there will be 2 shows.

Later in the week I will be there taking  photos of the shows and sharing some of them with you.