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One of my favorite restaurants in Aix en Provence is tucked away in a location that is almost impossible to find.  The name of the restaurant is Drole d’Endroit.  This means, strange location.  Not only do they serve good food, but they put on art exhibits as well as musical and literary event. They even hold  “open mike” evenings. Now that is fun!

Robin and I stopped by for lunch.  The room was busy without being super crowded.  The menu is written on a black board, the service was good and the plates were generous.  We didn’t have desert, but I saw one at the next table and it looked delicious.

14, rue Annonerie Vieille
13100 Aix-en-Provence  and the phone number is 04 42 38 95 54.  You can find them on the Internet: http://www.droledesite.fr
droledendroit@drole de site.fr