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What do you do when there are too many tomatoes?  We are finding that right now, the french tomatoes are fabulous.  Our friend Alain brings us cases of tomatoes and melons several times a week.  I certainly can’t complain.  This is my only opportunity to eat the amazing melons.  So I will never say no.

This evening my son, Niko suggested that I make some tomato sauce for his pasta.  Since his wife left today for 6 weeks in California, I could hardly say no, especially since I had a case of huge ripe tomatoes waiting to be eaten.

The kitchen was quite bare and we are due for a grocery run tomorrow.  When you don’t have all the ingredients that are on the list, you make do.  I rummaged around and found most of the ingredients for the sauce.  Everything was fresh so how could it turn out badly.

Judy’s Fresh Tomato Sauce

12 ripe tomatoes

1/4 cup of home grown olive oil (Yes we have olive trees and make oil in the fall.)

sprig of sage and rosemary from the garden

salt and pepper to taste

chopped garlic

First I blanched the tomatoes and removed the skin.  Then I cut them into chunks.  Next I put the oil, garlic and herbs into a large pot to sautéed them.  But as usual, I kind of hoped they would be fine as I chopped the tomatoes. When I started to hear some excess sizzling, I added all the tomatoes to the pot and stirred so nothing would burn.  I set the timer for 20 minutes.

The tomatoes were very juicy and after about 15 minutes I strained the excess juice into a second pot.   To this juice, I added a chicken bullion cube.  There was enough for 3 bowls of the most fabulous tomato soup I have ever eaten!

I put the sauce back into the sauce pan.  At this point my son, Niko, came over with his package of fresh raviolies. We dumped them into boiling water.  About 4 minutes later they were ready for the fresh tomato sauce.  Niko added a bit of sheep’s cheese and he served it with some fig bread toast.

There were no complaints about dinner.  I am always amazed when I see recipes for tomato sauce that is suppose to cook for 2 hours.  To my way of thinking, this is how you ruin a perfectly good fresh tomato.