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Millau Viaduct

This is an amazing bridge.  It connects the road (A75-A71) from the Spain to Paris. The road-bridge spans the Tarn Valley and is the tallest bridge in the world at 1,123 ft.  The cost of construction was €400,000,000 when it was finished in December 2004.

The bridge was built because the traffic bottled up in the town of Millau. It shortened the journey around Mllau by 100 km and 4 hours.  Of course there was opposition to the construction but the finished product is stunning and has won awards.  Lord Foster, headed the architectural firm that designed the bridge.  His objective was to create a bridge that would complement the natural beauty of the valley.  The bridge appears to float in the clouds.

I found most of the pictures online.  There are 2 included that I took when we drove across the bridge.  If you are going to be traveling close to the area, take a detour and check out this bridge.  And by the way, the caves where Roquefort cheese is made is also in the area.