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I arrived in Provence a week ago. The weather has been spectacular until today when we had overcast skies and tiny sprinkles of rain. But I love this weather too. It means fewer mosquitoes and a less heat.

When I come here for a month in the spring or early summer, it is usually to ready the house for our summer renters. This year is no different. Yesterday we drove to Avignon to pick up a few things for the house. Our first stop was IKEA. This as most you know, is a Swedish store. We started off by getting a bite of lunch there. I am convinced that they ship everything from Sweden because the food always tastes exactly the same. It doesn’t matter if you are in Paris, Marseille, Avignon or San Francisco, there is always the same consistency in every store.  Since Robin and I wanted a quick lunch, we were fine with IKEA.  The only thing that does change is the coffee.  IKEA’s coffee machine makes great coffee.

Then we hit the shelves. I needed a cutting board. IKEA has this great one that wraps over the edge of the counter. It works perfectly for me.  It even looks good in my kitchen.

 The next stop was the hardware – garden store, Leroy Merlin. It is huge and carries everything one needs and doesn’t need. I have always loved hardware stores and this one is totally French. That makes it even more interesting since French stuff is always cooler than American stuff to an American. I must confess that I am terrible at technical projects so you may wonder what am I even doing in a hardware store.  My daughter-in-law had a list and I needed a part for the pool’s filter pump.  Of course, the piece I was missing wasn’t this store. So we raced back to St. Remy to the pool store there, and one of the sales people found my little plastic screw for me.  Thank you Eau & Picine.

Unfortunately,  I forgot most of the other items on my list.  So either I will go to Brico Marche and see if they have what I need or we will go back to Avignon this week.