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Yesterday was a lovely sunny day here in California.  That is until I noticed that one of my oak trees had lost a large limb. (The day was still lovely but my mood had darkened considerately.) Its one thing if a large branch falls onto the ground and nothing is damaged, but when the limb leans on the roof….

I panicked for a few minutes and then looked carefully at the damage.  It looked minimal.  I decided not to call insurance.

I called my trusty tree guy who kindly said that he could come  by this on Saturday morning.

Thank you Jorge and crew.

There is another branch that he will have to cut that hasn’t fallen yet.  He will also cable the rest of the tree so another branch doesn’t fall.  Even though I am unhappy about this failing tree, I am thrilled that my roof looks like it is intact.

*Now that the tree guys have come – the roof is fine and the tree will just have to look different.  I will probably have to do some different planting. We are so lucky that so little damage was done.