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Our UPHA Chapter One Horse Show ran through Sunday. We were so lucky – with weather in the 70’s and 80’s for all 4 days of our show. The quality of the horses was wonderful and everyone was excited about the competition and the social events.  One of the fun things about being on the inside of any event is the friends you make.  It is very satisfying to be able to please several hundred people and know that they will want to come back.   

On Monday, we started setting up – and some of the trainers arrived and stabled their animals.  The rest of the people came in on Tuesday.  We welcomed everyone with hugs and kisses and complemented them on their new stock.  By Wednesday, the trainers were seriously working the horses in their new environment and then on Thursday the show started.

Even though a horse show is a competition, it is also an opportunity to sight see, have fun and to party.  Every evening someone held a party for all of the exhibitors. On Saturday afternoon several of the trainers put on a barbeque and then we played horse poop bingo.  On Sunday, as soon as the show was over, the trainers started packing up.  We said “Good bye” and “I hope you had fun” and “ Will we see you at the next show in Del Mar, California in June?” 

Then those of us who were volunteering jumped into the clean up process.  This was a really busy week and as I packed away the coffee pot and  arranged for the golf carts, tables, linens and chairs to be returned to the rental companies, I could honestly say that I will be happy to volunteer to run this event next year.

The Horse Park at Woodside hosts equestrian events all summer long.  Most of the events are free to the public.  But we find that very few people take advantage of events like this.   Most of the spectators who come to these shows are friends and relatives of the exhibitors.  Children love watching horses.  Most adults do too.  Come for an hour and bring a camera.  This is a great introduction to a wonderful sport.  Children can start riding as young as 6.  Yes, it’s a bit scary at first, but confidence quickly builds.  I hope we will see you at the barn.