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It is amazing the number of things that have to be done to put on any kind of event.  I am not an event planner but I have been helping and heading up this show for years.  Since 2010, my friend Helen has taken over hospitality and that makes such a difference.  This year I am only responsible for golf carts and sponsors stables.

So of course those 2 projects have had their bumps.  W found that this evening, one of the 2 seater carts is missing and we are quite sure that it was delivered.  It will be sorted out tomorrow.

Today, 2 people said – And were is my table? – Guess which tables weren’t on my list. Luckily I ordered 2 extras.  Now if someone else wants one tomorrow, they will be out of luck.

Today the sponsor tables were set up and the covered judges stand  in the center of the ring was set up and decorated.  Since there is a lot of dust, the water truck was busy and sprayed the table clothes.  Oh well!  The trainers were busy exercising their horses and getting settled.  

One of the trainers has volunteered to start the coffee at 7:30 AM and another person will put out the pastries and fruit at 8:00.  I hope the loud speaker works. The show starts at 10:00.