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Do you love Music?  Now I want to travel to the Congo!

I love classical music and I’m not a musician by any means.  This evening, I watched one of my favorite television programs; 60 minutes.  I am going to direct you to their website www.sixtyminutes.com/overtime.  Please click into this. Its amazing!

The report was about a symphony orchestra in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The man who started the Orchestre Symphonique Kimbanguiste, is Armand Diangienda. He was an airline pilot but when the company that he flew for went out of business, he decided to start and orchestra.  He had one tiny problem.  He didn’t know how to read music or play any instrument.  He didn’t own any instruments either.  So he taught himself how to play the piano and several other instruments. He also got some of the people in his church to try out music.  This all started in 1992.  Seventeen years later, a German film makers came to town and a made a documentary about Mr. Diangienda and his orchestra.  The people at 60 Minutes were convinced to check out the group and they too made a documentary.


and google this –   Joy in the Congo: A musical miracle