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I just learned from the blog “The Provence Post” which you can find at; www.theprovencepost.blogspot.com that The Carrières de Lumières  (Quarries of Light) in the Val d’Enfer, Les Baux is once again open.  I have been to this marvelous place every year since 2006.  But then last year a sign appeared that said that the Cathedrale des Images, as the Exhibit was known, would be closed until further notice. 

The sound and light show is held in a huge quarry.  During the past years, I saw shows about Venice, Cezanne, Picasso and Australia.

They allowed photography and these are some of the ones that I took of the Picasso and the Australia exhibits.Apparently the new show about Gauguin and Van Gogh just opened and will run until January 6, 2013.

What I love about this exhibit is that the artwork is projected onto the huge walls of the quarry.  Every minute or so, the video-projector changes the slide and at the same time you are surrounded by glorious music.  The show lasts about a half hour.

The adult entry fee is 8.5 Euros.  For the months of April through September, the show is open everyday from 10 to 7.  During the months of October through March, the hours will be 10-6.

This final picture is a screen shot from the official website. This is what it looks like inside of the quarry.

The three men who produced this show are; Gianfranco IANNUZZI, Renato GATTO and Massimiliano SICCARD.  They also produced the shows in 2006, 2007 and 2009

Carrières de Lumières 
 – Route de Maillane
 – 13520 Les Baux de Provence

Tél. : 04 90 54 55 56