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About a month ago, my Labrador retriever, Gus developed something.  I noticed that his belly was hard and looked distended, like he had bloat.  He was looking like a sausage.  Around the same time, his coat was looking dull and he was shedding a lot.  But other than these few symptoms, he was his happy cheerful self.

So my daughter helped me out and took him to the vet.  They x-rayed Gus and thought that maybe his spleen was enlarged.  The following Monday, I returned to the vet and they did an ultra sound and discovered that his belly was distended with fluid and his lymph nodes were enlarged. There were a few issues with cells but nothing of any determinational value.

Later in the week, I went to a specialty vet practice and over a period of 2 weeks; l saw an oncologist, a cardiologist and an internist.  The dog has been probed, x-rayed, poked with needles and ultra sounded. His blood has been analyzed and the fluid in his belly has been examined.  His weight is up about 10 pounds with fluid.

The internist has suggested that it would be appropriate to do exploratory surgery. They decided to do some testing before opening him up. The last aspiration of the belly fluid showed that it is now a milky color, which might indicate lymph node leakage.


The internist will be talking with some of her colleagues tomorrow and hopefully I will be able to go in the afternoon and see what they are thinking.

UPDATE: Gus is on diuretics and later this week he will have exploratory surgery.

It is very frustrating to have a pet with a mystery disease.