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My son Niko and his wife Robin live in Provence.  During the summer months they come back to California and Niko works at a bike shop. He has done this for many years.  Niko  learned to how to take bikes apart and put them together and he does it on a regular basis.   Two years ago,  Niko and his wife Robin decided to buy a tandem bike.

They bring the tandem back and forth between France and California and ride at every opportunity.

Here the new tandem is at the house all ready for the first ride.

Before Niko married Robin, he did a bit of racing and did well.

So last weekend they decided to enter an 88 km bike race that started and ended in St. Remy de Provence. They peddled very hard for 3 hours and 7 minutes and came in 205th out of 304 riders.

The first place rider finished in 2h: 26min and the last place rider finished in 4h: 57 minutes. There were only two teams on a tandem bike.  Niko reported that: ” There was one other tandem in the race.  It was a two-male racing team, and the person (stoker) on the back is legally blind.  In fact, he’s training and trying out for the London Para-Olympics.  Needless to say, they were very fast and came in top 20th in our division. ”  Robin said that the competition was fierce. All things considered, they did a fabulous job.  Congratulations Niko and Robin.

Robin wrote on her Facebook page: “Thanks everybody! …. people make comments like ‘hey, they’re cheating, 4 legs instead of two’ or ‘watch out she’s on your tail’ or ‘You should know she’s not pedaling back there’. Everyone thinks they’re a comedian out there. It’s cute.”

One of the nice things about being is Southern France is all the biking that is possible.  For the past several years, they have joined up with friends and done some of the routes from the Tour de France as well as 2 week bike trips in other part of Europe.   I wish I had pictures of some of those trips.

Niko and Robin train most weekends and really deserve this success. In this picture they are with their friend Simon (not Geoff) who raced with them. Thank you Robin for the race photos.  I wish I had been there to cheer you on.

They have repeatedly said that tandem riding is really the way to go.

Have you tried it?