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I had a great Saturday.  My grandchildren, Sophie and Gigi came over and we decided, (can a 2 year old really decide?) to do a photography project.  Sophie liked the idea and Gigi does whatever Sophie does.  Sophie is almost 6 and Gigi is almost 3.  I outfitted each child with a camera.

 Sophie used my Canon PowerShot SD 4000 and Gigi used my husband’s Fuji JX250.  I pulled out my new Sony NEX 5N.  Our project was to walk around the garden and photograph whatever looked good. Sophie’s pictures came out quite well.

Gigi took a lot of pictures of her feet.     I’ll start with Sophie’s pictures:

This first one was taken of the pool cover.  She focused on the debris from the last rain fall.  The rocks were easy but look great.  I loved her apple blossom, especially considering that she is short. Oh yes, did I say, that she is 5. She also took good pics of her sister and Gus, the dog.

Gigi had a good time with her camera and picture taking.  Lets look at more feet?  She actually took a few good ones.

I think my photos of the girls were adorable.  But I will leave that for you to judge.

I think Sophie took this one of me.

We had a great time taking pictures.  I hope you enjoyed this blog.  And yes, their parents gave me permission to post this.