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This past week, we have had spring like temperatures so I decided that it was time to go to the beach.  On Sunday, I asked my Mom if she wanted to go on an outing.  My Mother is 86 and doesn’t miss a thing.  She looks at least 10 + years younger than her real age and is always ready for an adventure.  So we packed up the dogs, the extra towels, and our warm jackets and after a substantial lunch, Mom, Niva and I headed out to Pillar Point. Well we missed the warm weather;

the rain clouds were coming in, but it would feel  great to be in the fresh air.  Our destination was Mavericks Beach, which is a bit north of Half Moon Bay and Princeton by the Sea.  Mavericks is well-known for the yearly surfing contest. This competition happens with 24 hours notice.  Only a select few,  from around the world, are invited to participate.

The competition happens a mile or so off shore.  The website says; “With waves cresting as high as 50 feet, ridiculously strong currents, dangerous rocks, perilously shallow reefs, and bone-chilling water temperatures, Mavericks is like no other place on Earth.” A few years ago a rogue wave knocked down a stand full of people watching the contest.  You can go to You tube and see videos of that event.

But that wasn’t what we experienced on Sunday.  The tide was out and the waves were very small.  The conditions were perfect for throwing tennis balls into the water for the dogs.  Gus, my black lab,

loves the water and didn’t mind the cold temperatures at all. Mom’s little long-haired doxie, Buddy also enjoyed the outing, but stayed out of the water.  His belly drags a bit so he wasn’t really allowed to wade in the surf.

I have a new camera, the Sony NEX 5N and I’m trying to figure out how to use it. This camera is turning out to be a lot more complicated than I expected.

I decided to play around a bit with the beach scenes. I’m still wondering if it helps to have this gate at the top of the cliff.   Here are some more of my pictures. I tried some black and white shots too.