Well, it is 4 AM in California and my family there has gone to bed. Here in France it it 1:00 PM and I am sitting in the kitchen in front of my laptop.

Our celebration last night consisted of watching slingbox on my computer and cooking a fabulous dinner – scallops, stuffed quail, rice and veggies (that were in the stuffing) and brownies and ice cream. Everything except the ice cream, was home made.  I used the  yummy brownie recipe from, http://www.mybakingaddiction.com/. We also had a bottle of champagne not made in Champagne so it is a mousseux but tastes like Champagne and only 5 euros a bottle. We will drink another one tonight.

I have big plans for today. Change all the beds since the laundry comes tomorrow, do some wash, download my photos from my excursion to the grocery store, (here are two examples),

take down the rest of the cannis that covers the patio and take a walk with Gus, my black lab.

Gus doesn’t look like he wants to go for a walk, but he really does.

I decided that in my next blog, I will do a gallery of the the photos that I took yesterday at the Super U,  the local grocery store.

Niko and Robin (son and daughter-in-law) will come for dinner tonight too. Robin cut her finger cutting bread so I have lost my sou-chef for a few days. Tonight’s dinner is oysters, mussels, roast duck, sweet potatoes, cabbage and something for desert. Maybe we will have more brownies or just fruit.

The work people will be by this week since the new counter (Sile Stone) arrives on the 6th. I have the carpenter and the plumber coming, first to remove the old kitchen counter and disconnect the pipes and then I need the plumber to come back to put things together.  And I’ll go back to Avignon and Marseille to say goodbye to friends. So now it is time to think about wrapping up and getting ready to come home.

This has been a good trip since I made it to Paris, Malta and London.

I also visited with friends in  the cities that are in my “neighborhood”; Marseille, Avignon and Aix.

The photo on the left is the Vieux Port in Marseille and the one below is Aix en Provence just after Christmas.


I cleaned up after the mice they were small and alive not like the gift Robin gave me on the right (everything gets packed in plastic boxes this time), the in-laws came for a visit, Lexie and Stephen came for a visit and got engaged (yes!)


Marcel the wild boar came for a visit

and the weather was exceptionally good. The only negative things and they were minor, were that the olive production was low and  that the water heater broke the day before leaving for Malta, but that got fixed and I must say we love our plumber!

The only thing missing today is the January 1st eggnog. Have a good Sunday and a great 2012