Today we decided to go to Rabat and to Mdina.  Both are very old towns.  To get there we decided on public transportation, as usual.  This time the journey would be a bit more complicated since we would need 2 busses. So after breakfast we started out on our next adventure.  We left the hotel and turned right to walk down the hill.  We didn’t have to wait very long for bus #221.  It took us to the town of Buggibaa.  The sign said that we would have to wait about 30 minutes and since it was rather cold and windy we decided to seek the warmth of a cafe where we could also warm up with tea and coffee.
The bus finally arrived and after about 20 minutes we arrived  Rabat.  A short walk away was the walled town of Mdina.  This town has a long history and it is very picturesque. This town is a photographers paradise as everything looks like it will make a great photo. The streets are extremely narrow and the exterior walls of the houses are made of a light honey color limestone. There are small windows, iron balconies, and a variety of door knockers.  I decided to take pictures of all the knockers,  so right now they are all in my camera but soon they will be liberated and I will post them with this report.
Inside the city walls is St. Paul’s Cathedral dating back 312 years.  I was surprised how beautiful the inside of this cathedral is.  Visitors are allowed to take pictures, just not to use a flash.  The ceiling was amazing.  Next stop, was the cathedral museum.  There was lots of silver stuff on display.  Following that we had lunch.  I had a delicious pizza with goat cheese and Parma ham.    Niko suggested at Jacques and I take a horse cab to our next stop, the St. Paul Catacombs.  Jacques knees are really bothering him so we decided T this was a good idea and maybe fun. The driver quoted 20 euros so off we went to see the catacombs.  Niko, Robin, Lexie and Stephen followed on foot.  They arrived about 7 minutes after we arrived.  Our horse – drawn carriage ride was quite fun.  The horse trotted quickly down the street.  After a long day we returned on the bus.
But then there was dinner.  Everyone went to bed happy.