So yesterday we were suppose to go to Sicily.  But in the evening of the day before leaving the man at the front desk told us the trip had been canceled due to weather.  I heard the following day that the wealth on the Mediterranean was the issue.  Since I really don’t get along with high. Hoppy seas, I wasn’t exactly grieving.  We will go some other time.  It also meant a refund of over 700 euros, which was the cost for 7 people going together.
So we decided that Wednesday would make a good spa day.  I had a bliss massage, Jacques had a pedicure, Robin and Niko had facials, scrubs and massages.  Lexie and Stephen’s day will be tomorrow.  But other than the spa, we sat in the lobby where there is Internet access, watched the rain fall, drank lattes and read our books. I ran my iPad down to 15%.  I am reading The Fall of Giants, by Ken Follett.  I know, everyone has already read this book.
For dinner we went to a small restaurant just up the road and had the best food yet.  I had a stuffed quail, stuffed with pine nuts and spinach.  Lexie and Stephen stayed at the hotel because they had already eaten.

Day 6
Today, we decided to go back to Valletta and see some of the sights that we missed the first time.  But as usual, we left rather late, so we only had time to eat a good lunch, i had a wonderful soup and shared a salad with Robin, and visit the Cathedral.  The cathedral is called St. John’s Co-Cathedral.  This is another stunning edifice.  It is exquisite because for over 200 years, it was the cathedral for the order of the Knights of St. John.  These knights came from the most important aristocratic families in Europe and many donations were made to the Church. Their roll was to protect the Catholic Church from the Ottoman Turks. Malta was made into a fortified Capitol.  The Cathedral was finished in 1577 and dedicated to St. john the Baptist.  There is a wonderful painting by Caravagio in the Oratorio called the Beheading of John the Baptist.
Now we are back at the hotel.  We stopped at the small grocery store across the street and bought snacks for our cocktail hour.  We are suppose to meet in my room at 7 for wine and snacks.  Here I am at 7:30 still in the lobby posting my adventure for you to read.

 Later, we will go out for a bite and then everyone is on their own to go to bed or clubbing.  Guess who is not going clubbing!

See you all tomorrow. The hotel is playing Christmas music.  I can’t believe that the Christmas is 2 days and that means the year is almost over.
Merry Christmas to all of you!
And once again, I have no pictures for you.  But they will follow.  That is a promise.  If I could reduce the file sizes of  the ones in my computer/iPad, you would have them now.