So I am back from London.  I haven’t been there in over 25 years and I loved every minute of it.  I was able to join some friends at the last minute.  I found a good flight with Easyjet that flew from Marseille to Gatwick.  Wouldn’t you know it but the day I decided to fly was the day that the English decided to strike.  So many people canceled since they were expecting long lines at immigration that I had practically no wait at all.  The plane wasn’t full either.  One thing about Easyjet is that you can take only 1 item on to the plane with you.  1 purse and a carry on suitcase is 2 things, so be aware if you ever use Easyjet. Since Gatwick is quite a ways from downtown London, I was advised to take the train to London.  I bought a ticket on the Gatwick Express in first class.  That was a good idea, since 2nd class was really full.  I had plenty of space in 1st.

I arrived at Victoria Station and from there I took a taxi to my hotel. I really loved the hotel.  My friends were staying at the Hazlitt in Soho so I did too.  The hotel occupies a group of 3 historic Georgian townhouses in Frith Street, off Soho Square.The hotel is named after William Hazlitt, the 18th-century essayist who lived there. In 1718 there were no modern conveniences, but they have updated the plumbing, installed bathrooms and replaced most of the candles with electricity.  They also have free wifi.  But alas, they did not install an elevator to the 4th floor where my room was located.  The house has settled and the floors are very crooked.  The rooms are all named after people who either stayed there or were involved with the houses.  My room was lovely, as you can see. We really lucked out since the weather cooperated and we only had one day of drizzle.  I loved this area since there are a tons of restaurants and I must say that we did well.  Not one bad meal.

We got tickets for the DaVinci exhibit at the National Gallery, great seats for the musical GHOST.  It was different and very enjoyable.  The actors did a good job and this play is one to see.

The next day, we went to the Mews (coaches and stables for the driving horses.) at Buckingham Palace. I was disappointed that there are so few horses in residence that the public can see. But once again there are guards standing around that you can talk to.  After one discussion with a guard, I pulled out my phone and showed him pictures of my horses.  He was either very polite or enjoyed seeing Lexie and Annie and Jax in action.

Next we spent 2 hours at Westminster Abby which is always very intresting. There is so much history under 1 roof.

We also spent a half day at Windsor Castle. I loved the castle.  There is a changing of the guards at this castle and we arrived in time to see it. Since it was December, there were very few visitors and the people who stand around guarding things like sterling silver tables and rugs that are hundreds of years old as well as answer questions in the castle had lots of time to answer questions.  

In London, we also did a “bit” of shopping, and lots of walking.  OK so it was lots of walking and lots of shopping.

By chance we walked down a street that was suppose to be a Judy shortcut – wasn’t – but we found a delightful Chihuly  exhibit.

So finally, after 3 days, it was time  to return to France.  I spent the night at the Hilton Hotel at Gatwick.  This is very convenient for passengers who leave early.  My bed was comfortable and I slept well.  My flight left at 9:45 AM and I was back at the Mas by 1:00 PM (There is a 1 hour time difference.)

Did I mention that I loved London?